Custom Embroidered Patches

Ace Embroidery is your destination for custom embroidered patches. We offer a wide range of patch options, including a full range of sizes, custom shapes and attachment methods.

With hundreds of different colours and low minimum order quantities, we are your destination for your next custom patch project.

Background Material

We use a high density twill for the backing on our patches so that the finished product is durable for application on multiple surfaces.  We have a wide range of background colours to choose from.

Iron On Patches

Iron On backing is available on request, for $0.15 per patch extra.  These patches can be applied with a household iron on almost any material.

About Ace Embroidery

Ace Embroidery was founded in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, we have helped thousands of customers bring their custom embroidery project to life through our attention to quality, open communication with clients and by utilizing modern embroidery techniques and equipment.

Every employee at Ace Embroidery is dedicated to satisfying our customers with the best promotional products, fair prices and friendly service.

Our Company is committed to sustainable growth and profitability with a healthy, safe and enjoyable working environment. We work had to minimize our environmental impact through socially responsible management of our sales, purchasing, production and distribution processes.